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Cancer Support Programs

Whether you are a survivor, thriver, warrior, journeyer or something else, our programs are here to listen, inform, support, and assist. 

SEEDS Support Group

SEEDS stands for Support, Education, Encouragement, and Determination to Succeed. The SEEDS Support Group is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive space for survivors and their families to share, learn and connect with one another, as well as to provide a platform for advocacy and awareness. 

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The SEEDS program is a supportive space to share stories and learn from one another. Our goal is to help those affected by breast cancer to thrive beyond breast cancer.

Public Speaker


SEEDS provides many educational programs that empower members to be their own advocate for their health and wellness

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Community Service

The SEEDS program believes that serving other is a form of healing.  Each year, members select a service project where they can lend a helping hand in the local community

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Call (202) 806-2878 for more information

Men's Health Awareness Clubs

Our Men's Health Awareness Clubs provide  men with education and resources about their health. We host speakers and workshops that provide our members with in-depth and informative knowledge about topics such as prostate cancer, mental health, and wellness.


Our goal is to create an open and welcoming environment for men to talk about relevant issues and find solutions that support their personal health and wellness.

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Contact Mr. Clinton Burnside for more information
(202) 865-4653
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