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Men Take Ten


Education and support services are offered to help men make an informed decision about various health screenings.  The program encourages men to know and understand their personal risk factors for health conditions they may encounter.  Men are then encouraged to discuss their risk factors with their family and healthcare professional.

Through successful community outreach efforts, the MTT program has helped to educate several thousand men, women and children, while enabling more than 3000 men to get screened for prostate cancer. 

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Prostate Cancer Informed Decision Making and Screening

Prostate cancer screening is offered to men: (1) 40-75 years of age, (2) whom have not been screened for prostate cancer in the past 12 months and (3) have never been diagnosed or treated for prostate cancer.  Screening includes  a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA) and a digital rectal examination (DRE).  Screening results and follow-up recommendations are mailed to participants within two weeks after screening.  Community screenings are often available on our 40 ft. mobile screening unit. 

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Community Partnerships

Since about 2012, the Men Take Ten (MTT) program has successfully established strong partnerships with community faith-based groups, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies as well as local and national groups to promote awareness and the early detection of diseases that disproportionately  impact minority men. 

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Men's Health Awareness Club

In 2016, the Men’s Health Awareness Club was formed to create a safe place for men and their families to learn more about men’s health.  Men share and discuss their personal experiences before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.  In addition to personal experiences, health professionals are invited  to share the most current information in their field .  Men become empowered to have critical discussions with their family, friends and healthcare providers

Education and Empowerment

Contact Us

Program Director: Clinton Burnside
(202) 865-4653

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