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Laboratory Scientist

American Cancer Society Diversity In Cancer Research Institutional Development Grant

HUCC is part of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Diversity in Cancer Research Institutional Development Grant Program.  The program supports mentored research and career development and pilot funding opportunities for our faculty.

Program Goal

The goal of the ACS Diversity in Cancer Research Institutional Development Grant is to increase diversity in the cancer research workforce.  Through the generous support of the ACS, the program will enhance the competitiveness of Howard faculty when they apply for nationally competitive grant support as well as support.  The program will also strengthen faculty development and retention.

Meet the Awardees

Pilot Grants for New Early Career Faculty 

The pilot grant is to test the feasibility and collect preliminary data needed for a larger cancer research study. Target recipients are new faculty within the initial 6 years of appointment who have not yet obtained R-level funding. Pilot project awardees may request salary support (up to 10 hours per week) for project staff support. Research assistants can support participant recruitment, data collection, laboratory bench work, data analysis, literature reviews, and other activities related to the implementation of the research project.   

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