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Cancer Health Equity Research Center

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The overall goal of the Howard University Cancer Health Equity Research Center (HU-CHERC) is to align with the overall American Cancer Society (ACS) program goal to conduct “solution-based research” to advance cancer health equity and promote health justice in the cancer context.

Our approach will demonstrate ways in which research can simultaneously advance science and correct the conditions that perpetuate inequities.     

Balancing Rocks

Meet our Cancer JEDI

Design and Analysis Core

The Design and Analysis Core (DAC) supports institutional capacity to conduct research using local cancer registry data and large population data sets such as Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results(SEER). This core also supports creation and interpretation of large, complex, multi-factorial data to facilitate analysis for new research questions emerging from our research activities. This core offers flexibility to develop novel methods for data analysis that will improve understanding of the relationshipbetween social determinants of health and cancer health disparities.

Our Research

Teletia Taylor, Ph.D.

Title: Distress Screening and Management in a Community-Based Minority Serving Cancer

The objective of this study  is to develop a distress screening program that serves as a model for community-based cancer centers serving diverse patient populations that may currently have unique challenges implementing distress screening compared to larger comprehensive cancer centers.  Evidence of the effectiveness and acceptability of this proposed distress screening program will add to much-needed empirical evidence of distress screening programs in community-based cancer center settings.

Tywanda McLaurin-Jones, Ph.D.

Title:  Social Determinants of Smoking & Tobacco Use across the African Diaspora

The objective of this study is to describe patterns of tobacco use and the factors that contribute to tobacco use among an ethically diverse group of African Americans, Caribbean, and African adolescents and adults from Washington, DC.

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