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The Howard University Cancer Center is excited to launch our fall giving campaign. From now through Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023, The Estée Lauder Companies will provide a $1 for $1 match up to $10,000 to the Powerful in Purpose Campaign. Donations will support the Howard University Cancer Center’s Patient Assistance Program.


Started by a generous donation from Dr. Lori Wilson, the Patient Assistance Program helps to overcome financial challenges that can negatively affect the outcomes of cancer care. The fund helps with resources such as transportation to medical appointments, mitigating food insecurity, and bridging financial barriers that make it difficult to obtain needed self-care supplies.


Your generous donation will help to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent people from receiving the highest quality cancer care. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those going through cancer treatment

About the Patient Assistance Fund

One of the most challenging times in a person’s life is being told that they’ve been diagnosed with cancer. While managing the psychological impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on that individual and their family, they also must begin to navigate setting up multiple appointments and making decisions about their treatment.  The cost of getting to and from multiple appointments as well as out of pocket expenses that patients must incur even when they are insured can create an additional burden that may create barriers to care.  Employed patients who do not have adequate leave may face a disruption in their income which can lead to food insecurity and can also potentially impact their housing. For those individuals who were experiencing food insecurity and housing instability prior to a cancer diagnosis those challenges can be impacted significantly. The Patient Assistance Program can assist patients with addressing some of the challenges they may face while undergoing their cancer treatment. The fund helps with transportation through taxi vouchers, metro cards and gas cards. Assists with access to food through the Hope Chest Food Pantry as well as through grocery store gift cards. The Patient Assistance Program has been able to help patients with other personal care and medical necessities on a case-by-case basis.

Powerful in Purpose Matching Gift Campaign

Generously Supported By

We Met Our Match! 

Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause.  And a special thanks to The Estee Lauder Companies for their vision and generosity as our Powerful in Purpose matching donor.  The work is ongoing and the need is great.  You can still join us to help cancer patients overcome financial barriers to care.


At Howard University Cancer Center, our sole mission is to Conquer Cancer.  Each day, in ways big and small, we strive to conquer cancer through research, training, community service, and cancer care.  We are grateful for the support of our generous donors and volunteers  who help us to push the boundaries of cancer research, prevention, and treatment.  With your help, we continue to increase access to cancer screenings, provide patient navigation, patient and family support, and more.

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