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Margaret E. Anderson Lung Cancer Program


The Margaret E. Anderson Lung Cancer Program was established in 2021 to focus on reducing risk for lung cancer and promoting early detection for individuals who may be at increased risk.  The program also supports new lung cancer research to improve treatment and survivorship. 

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Lung Cancer Screening

A test called a Low Dose  CT is a type of x-ray that allows doctors to see a very clear picture of the lungs.  This test can often find lung cancer early.  Speak to your healthcare provider to find out if lung cancer screening is right for you. 

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While smoking is the number one risk factor for lung cancer, about 12% of people diagnosed with lung cancer never smoked.  To learn about the known risks factors for lung cancer and what you can do to protect your health visit

The American Cancer Society

To become a tobacco free advocate, join DC Tobacco Free Coalition


Living Tobacco Free

Quitting Smoking is one of the best things you can do to protect your health.  Many resources are available to help you break free from tobacco

Howard University Hospital offers support groups. Call 202-865-1587


For telephone counseling and resources call 1-800- QUIT-NOW


Download the quitSTART app from the Centers for Disease Control

Learn more about lung cancer screening

Contact your doctor today or schedule

an appointment with our

Division of Pulmonary Medicine 

to decide if lung cancer screening

is the right choice for you


Patient X-ray

Watch this VIDEO from Michigan Medicine to learn more about the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening

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