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Pamper Day

Rosemary Williams Mammoday


Rosemary Williams served as the Cancer Center's Registrar for over 30 years.  She was a tireless advocate in the fight against breast cancer.  Mrs. Williams started one of the first high risk breast cancer registries in the nation.  She focused on  ensuring young women were empowered to know their bodies and advocate for themselves. The Rosemary Williams Mammoday Program is named in her honor and is dedicated to continuing her legacy.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Breast Cancer Screening

For over 20 years, Howard’s Cancer Center has provided the Mammoday free breast cancer screening program for uninsured women.  Through Project WISH and the Mammoday Breast Cancer Fund, women who are uninsured or underinsured gain access to free breast cancer screening including clinical breast exams, mammograms and follow-up diagnostic services.

Image by ray sangga kusuma

Community Partnerships

Through partnerships with community organizations, Mammoday provides excellence in breast care in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.  Mammoday thrives because of our experienced, highly skilled  staff and the many partners  and volunteers who support personalized care for each person.

Talking on the Phone

Patient Navigation

Patient navigation is available for any patients who  need help navigating the complex breast cancer care system.   Navigation addresses barriers to care such as: 1) language access; 2) lack of transportation; 3) cultural barriers; 4)  insurance; or 5) lack of coordinated care;

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